Coming in November 2021! IGNITE THE HUNGER IN YOU with world-class inspirational leaders Les Brown & JB Owen - how to develop your greatness and ignite humanity compilation series with thirty-five authors sharing their stories. My story is "Mom, Are You Okay?"


IGNITE POSSIBILITIES is a compilation book filled with stories that inspire and empower, as authors share their 'Ignite Moment' amid adversity and criticism, and moving forward in the direction of their dreams, creating joyful, purposeful lives.

My story, Find Joy in the Journey, gives a glimpse of my experience with my sister, Joy. Hand in hand, we vowed to fight for life with grit and grace, to live and love, bless and be blessed, till the end. She was the "miracle girl" whose spirit continues to live on, and I now see that there is no "coincidence" in life. Anything is possible. "What If...?" I hope we can all dare to reach out and boldly live. It's never too late. "A joyful heart is the beat of life." ~ Pat

Ignite Possibilities Cover